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Cranberries: The key to a healthy bladder.

Historically, doctors have always recommended cranberries for people with UTIs.

But is it effective for dogs?

To answer that, let's talk about its effectiveness on UTIs.
cranberries UTI
Are Cranberries effective in curing UTIs?

A review of 24 studies about the topic was conducted in 2012 by researchers from the Cochrane Database systematic reviews, Cranberries decrease the urinary tract's ph level, making it more acidic and eliminating any bacteria in the urinary tract.
That is the case for people (although antibiotics are still far more potent), but a recent study shows that this isn't the case for dogs. Cranberries don't change the PH in dogs. 
cranberries uti dog
So does this mean that it's ineffective?

Although medication is far better in curing UTIs, a study published by the American Journal of Veterinary Research shows that cranberries effectively prevent UTIs. 
Cranberries have a substance called proanthocyanidins. It helps prevent the E.coli from sticking to the lining of the bladder. 
Twelve dogs with recurrent UTIs received cranberry extract orally for six months. 
The results were extraordinary. NONE of the twelve dogs developed UTI.

cranberry dog uti
But are Cranberries safe for my dogs?

Before buy cranberries, crush them with your bare feet to make a glass of cranberry juice for you and fido, read along.
Cranberries also have another substance called oxalates.
In small quantities, it's harmless for your dogs.
But too much of it can make worsen the UTI and can also cause tummy problems.
cranberry dog uti
So will cranberries help my dog or not?

We don't recommend giving cranberries to dogs (They won't even like it), but supplements, on the other hand, are far more effective.
Supplements have the right amount of cranberries. Supplements also contain other beneficial ingredients.
2-4 dose of supplements a day can play a huge difference in preventing your dog from the discomfort of UTIs.
cranberry uti dogs
But my dog hates tablets and capsules.
We've got just the solution! Our Cranberry supplements The Cranbites Bladder Wellness is a healthy supplement in a delicious chew! 
Your dog would love taking these! The problem that you're going to have is making sure your dog gets the proper dosage because he will surely keep asking for more!
uti cranberry dog
If your dog is already signs of UTI, here's what you should do.
-Take your dog to the vet to get treated.
-Don't give him raw cranberries.
- Once the UTI goes away, try our Primova Cranbites. UTI's tend to resurface from time to time. Giving him our delicious supplement would make it harder for those pesky bacterias to come back. 
If your dog doesn't have any signs of UTI, then it's best to invest in his kidneys as early as now.
14% of dogs suffer from UTI every year. Make sure to invest in your dog's health as soon as you can. Those pee-pee with blood isn't a sight to see. 

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