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Dog creepily watches his owner fall asleep. The reason will break your heart

Three years ago, a man adopted a golden retriever from his local pet shelter.

Little did he know that he would have a unique experience that taught him a lesson about dogs' emotions.

The dog was cute and obedient. Everyone in the household loved him.

But there was something strange about the dog.

When the family goes to sleep at nightfall, the dog would stay awake and watch them fall asleep.

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The man thought at first that the dog was just unfamiliar with his new environment.

Over time, he was hoping this odd behavior would go away...

But it didn't...

This kept happening night after night, and this bothered his owner.

He tried to play with the dog and make him tired.

But that didn't stop the dog from staying outside their room and watching them sleep.

Thinking that it could be an underlying medical issue, He brought his dog to the vet.

And to his surprise, the vet could not figure out the problem.

To him his just one healthy dog

So what could be the cause of this strange behavior?

He went back to the animal shelter to find answers.

What he found out brought him to tears...

It turns out that the previous owner of the dog abandoned him.

The previous owner's wife was pregnant and couldn't take care of the dog anymore.

While the dog was sleeping, he brought him to the animal shelter and left him alone.

When the dog woke up, he just realized that he's in a completely new environment without his owner in sight.

The dog was heartbroken.

That's why the dog refused to sleep because he doesn't want to go through being abandoned again.

The man went home and brought his dog's bed with him inside the bedroom.

Hoping they could sleep together and regain the dog's trust.

What do you think of this story? What can you say about people who abandon their dogs? Let us know in the comments below

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