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Dogs not eating vegetables? Try these 5 tricks!

Vegetables are wonderful.


The health benefits are undisputed.


But for most vegetables, the taste can turn people off.


And the same can be said to our canine friends.

dog dont like veggies

But fear not; we give you five ways you can incorporate these disease-fighting wonders to your pup.



  1. Grating 
    The key here is to incorporate vegetables to your dog slowly. Grate a small piece of veggie to your dog's meal would be a great way to start!
  2. Steaming.
    A great way to cook the vegetable without losing their nutrients. Steaming a vegetable will make it super crunchy and tasty for your pup to enjoy!
  3. Mashing.
    Cut the veggies in pieces and mash em! Spread it on your dog's meal, and you'll sleep better at night, knowing your dog is well nourished!
  4. Chopping.
    Finely chop vegetables and mix it well with your dog's meal. He will slowly but surely learn how to eat them!
  5. Blanching. You submerge veggies into boiling water then into cold water. Blanching cleanses the surface of vegetables but retains every vitamin and minerals!

Finally... To reinforce this diet, its best to give them a treat. And what better way to do that with a tasty and delicious treat from our supplements!

What are your challenges when introducing a new diet to your dog? Let us know in the comments below!


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