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Five Lethal Diseases Ticks Carry

Out of all the parasites that could infect your dog, ticks might be the worst of them all.


This is not only because of their hideous bulgy appearance but also because they carry many diseases that can pose a threat to your home.


Let's take a look at five diseases that your dog can get from ticks.


  • Ehrlichiosis


A disease that develops after being bitten by an infected tick. Ehrlichiosis has three stages acute, sub-clinical, and clinical.


The infected can suffer from fever for two to four weeks before moving to the clinical stage. This means that the immune system failed to fight off the disease. This leads to a host of problems, such as anemia.


  • Babesiosis


A dog gets infected when the Babesia sporozoites are released on the dog's bloodstream. It takes two to three days of feeding for the tick to release the organism. Symptoms include lethargy, weakness, high fever, jaundice, and colored urine.


  • Tick paralysis


Although rare but must be taken seriously. This disease infects not only dogs but also people. Neurotoxins are released from a female tick and spread throughout the bloodstream. Symptoms usually develop for two to seven days. Dogs may appear weak, especially in the rear limbs. This leads to paralysis and may even cause death if the diaphragm is affected.


  • Lyme disease


A common disease in North America, Lyme disease, is tricky to diagnose since only five to ten percent of dogs infected develop clinical signs. 


Early symptoms include lethargy, depression, weakness, and swollen joints. These symptoms can turn into kidney damage, arrhythmias, and arthritis. The worst-case scenario is that it escalates to Lyme nephritis, which is usually fatal.


  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever.


Considered to be the worst tick-borne illness in the United States. It causes vomiting, intense headache, abdominal and muscle pain, rashes, and high fever.


These terrible symptoms begin between two to fourteen days after getting a tick bite. RMSF is not contagious, but an infected tick can migrate to you or other family members.

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