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How to make the most out of the quarantine with your dog

Due to quarantine, most of us can agree that we have more time than ever before. Now is the perfect time to work on our goals, and what would make it even more fun is to do it with your beloved canine.

Read up as we give you three awesome ideas that you can do with your dog that will leave a lasting impact on your life.

1. Teach dog your new tricks or commands.

brown poodle on gray concrete road during daytime

Does your dog pee inside the house? Or do you want him to bark on command? Or do you want to take it up a notch and have a dog that shoots lasers in his eyes? Whatever it is now is the time to work on it with your dog (except for that last part unless if you're a mad scientist). There are hundreds of things that you can teach your dog. You can have your furry friend perfect that mid-air catch, balance treats on his head, or even do basic Math! The options are endless!

2. Build a social following with your dog.

grayscale photography of woman carrying dog

Dog and cat pictures have always been one of the bread and butter of the internet. It's where people find peace and compassion when they're having a bad day. Also, when they screamed their pants out because one of their friends send a scary pop-up video. Regardless you cannot deny the power of the smile of a cute smiling puppy on the internet. Now imagine that image of a smiling puppy with thousands of likes is actually from your dog? It's possible and potentially lucrative too! Some owners make money by building a solid following on social media through their dogs! Can you believe that? Especially this time where people are most active on the internet because of the quarantine.


3. Workout with your dog.

Woman practice yoga with dog pug breed Premium Photo



Imagine this. You come out of this quarantine looking fit. Along with your dog, you two would be unstoppable. Everyone knows the benefits of working out, but not everyone does it because it's not easy. But doing it with your buddy will make it way more fun. You can run around with your dog. You can play fetch while you work out! Bust out some muscle-building moves while he retrieves the ball. You can even practice yoga with your dog! (Yes the term "doga" is a thing).

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