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How To Teach The Basics of Sit and Stay

Sit and Stay—the foundation of obedience. This will serve as your first step for other exciting tricks and skills. 


Sit and stay also serves as a great mental exercise.

sit and stay

Here's a step by step guide on how to teach your dog to sit and stay.


  1. You're going to need a small treat. (Check out our selection of supplement chews! Be sure to follow the correct number of dosage!)

  2. Hide the small treat in your fingers and lure your pup into a sitting position.

  3. Don't give the treat unless your pup is sitting.

  4. Once your puppy starts getting it, you can show the treat with your fingers open. Your puppy should immediately sit down once they see the treat.

  5. Start saying the word "Sit." Reward them with the treat once they sit down.

Woman training companion in the park Free Photo

Congrats! Your dog now learned how to "Sit." Next, we can start teaching them to "Stay."

      6. Ask your dog to sit but wait for a moment before giving the treat.

      7.Start saying the word "Stay."

      8. Gradually make your dog stay longer and longer before giving the treat.

A man holds the paw of the dog in the park in the summer at sunset. the concept of friendship, teamwork, love Premium Photo

From this point on, learning to stay in a doorway or without a leash should be easier.

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