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It's not always about the teeth why your dog's breath smell

It's baffling how dogs have a better sense of smell than us but don't mind their breath stinks like crazy.

In most cases, it's a matter of hygiene. But sometimes it's a lot more complicated than that.

Today we give you three other reasons why your dog's breath stink.

Kidney disease

Believe it or not, kidney diseases can cause bad breath. When your dog's kidney is in trouble, waste products end up in the bloodstream. Waste products cause loss of appetite, diarrhea, and terrible breath.

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Filthy Gut

Dog's love to put things inside their mouths, even if it's not edible. It's cute to see your pup munch its favorite toy but doing so causes many harmful bacteria to end up in the gut.

Dogs also swallow saliva, which contains bacteria. Too much harmful bacteria in your dog's gut will result in bad breath.

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Yes, Diabetes can cause bad smell from your dog's breath. If you smell a terrible fruity or sweet smell from your dog, then better bring your dog to the vet.

Diabetes is a severe but terrible condition. Not only should you treat Diabetes but also control your dog's unpleasant dietary habits.

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Does your dog's breath smell? Which of these diseases have you had experience with? Let us know in the comments below!

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