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Plants that repel parasites (Pet friendly)

Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitos. Nobody loves them, but for some reason, they exist.


Imagine a world without these parasites... Lovely right?


Although that may not be possible, what is possible is entirely doable is a Home without parasites.


And the best way to do it is by doing it NATURALLY!


Today we give you five plants that naturally repel parasites.



These plants are effective in keeping your house pests free. If parasites are already infesting your pet, you may want to check out our flea collars first.

After that, come back here to fortify your home 


1. Catnip

Dogs and Cats love the smell, Fleas not so much. Catnip has a scent that will keep fleas away. You can also make a soothing tea with it.

 Researchers from the American Chemical Society found that Catnip is ten times more effective than DEETS in repelling parasites.

 2. Lemongrass

Lemongrass aroma is incredible and is great for cooking too. The smell of lemongrass is appalling to mosquitos and fleas. You can even extract this and use it as a bug-repellant spray.


3. Peppermint

Not only will these make your home parasites free, but it will give you that fresh aroma that will set your mood throughout the day. Peppermint can spread aggressively, so watch out you may end up with a house full of weeds.


4. Rosemary

This fantastic plant serves you in three ways. For culinary purposes, repel parasites and help your pet smell amazing! Partner this up with Sage to double down on your natural-repelling power and speaking of Sage


5. Sage

As mentioned, Sage goes well with Rosemary. Sage is also used to make tease and incense. It is also safe to grow without root guards and does a great job repelling unwanted insects.

Please do note that generally these plants are pet-friendly it's still a good idea to not let your pets munch on these things for a long time.

Did you enjoy this blog? What other topics should we cover next? Let us know in the comments below.

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    That sounds terrific Anne! Keep us updated!


    Hi Sadiarin, thank you so much for your question. Unfortunately, Citrosa is not safe for our furry friends.


    Good article. But what about Citrosa plant


    So far so good, Arya is not showing signs of arthritis, but I started her with Primova’s joints chews, she just love them.

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