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READ THE LABEL:Top three ingredients found in dog food to watch out for

We've said it before, and we'll say it again.
They say in their commercials that they want what's best for your dog, but what they want is best for their big fat wallets.
It's evident with the junk that they put inside these so-called healthy dog treats.
The worst thing about this is that all these are still legal.
So it's up to us to make sure these ingredients never touch our dog's mouths.
These commercial brands may fool us on their marketing efforts, but they can't work they're way around the labels.
That is if you know what to watch out for
Here are three ingredients that are bad for your dogs.
pet food kills
1. BHA / BHT.
These are chemicals used to preserve the flavor of your dog food or treats. These two are already considered by California's Environmental Health Hazard Assessment and the National Toxicology Program of DHHS as a carcinogenic or cancer-causing agent.
The FDA, however, still permits and regulates its use. Citing that in low dosage, it should be harmless.
But these preservatives are used on dog food. Feeding your dog with these chemicals every day is not precisely "low-dosage."
Make sure always to read the label avoid anything that states "preserved with BHA or BHT."
pet food kills
2. "MEAT"
Don't get us wrong. Meat is healthy for your dog. But unspecified meat on the label is terrible. These are usually by-product meat made up of different animals dead or deceased mashup up together. 
 Make sure to always look for a label with named meat on it, like beef or bacon.
Here's an example from our label.
pet food kills
pet food kills
MSG is used to enhance the flavor of low-quality ingredients. That alone should raise a red flag. MSG is a common allergen for both humans and pets.
It's a bit tricky to spot on the labels because it is not required by law but watch out for these ambiguous ingredients
hydrolyzed protein, protein isolate, texturized protein, natural flavors (unspecified), autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed yeast, yeast extracts, soy extracts or concentrate, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, monopotassium glutamate, glutamate or glutamic acid, disodium inosinate or guanylate.
What type of content do you want to read about next? Let us know in the comments.

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    Hi @Annemarie Heng we sent you a personal message on Facebook regarding this so you wouldn’t miss it! :)


    It is so difficult to find a good kibble this days, our furbabies need the crunch of the dry food but not at the expense of their health!
    Right now I give mine the 4 health from tractor supply and wholesome sportmix lamb dry dog food also some Nutrish from Rachel Ray either peak or dish. Next time that I shop I will take your list with me and check the ingredient. I also bought Evolve in the past if you have any suggestion please let me know. I cook ground beef and turkey to top the kibble and trudog toppers.
    I have n autoship subscription with you for 15 in 1 vitamins and joint chews.

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