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3 Creepy Dog Stories to keep you at night

Since it's Halloween, we thought about going with something different in this week's blog.


Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, it's a known fact that dogs see, hear, and smell things that we don't.


From dogs detecting earthquakes to certain dangers. Here are three stories of dogs feeling and seeing things that we humans don't

1. The dog inspects every single room at 3 am.

3 am is said to be a particular hour for the unknown, and this dog certainly thinks so.


A user by the name of OldRockingChair has submitted a story on a forum.


Their dog gets at precisely 3 am every night and inspects every single room.


Whenever the people at the house sees him during his rounds, the dog would stare at them.

2. Dog staring at the darkness

A girl was reading in her room when she noticed her dog staring into the darkness at her door.


The dog tilts her head, which was mentioned by the girl only happens when her dog sees something out of the ordinary.


The dog growls, and when he noticed the girl was looking at him, he wags his tail.

3. Dog wanted a fight with something at 3 am.

 A couple was sleeping with their dog when suddenly a wood creaked, and the dog stood up.


The dog furiously growled at the doorway.


The woman tried to stop the dog, but the dog kept staring and growling at nothing...

The dog moved her head slowly from the doorway to the tv set.

Then suddenly the tv service cuts out. The dog then went back to the bed, lowered its ears, and whined.

Do you have any creepy stories about your dog? Share it with us in the comments below!

Happy Halloween!


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