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A Dog Story to Melt Your Heart This Christmas

There was once a lady residing in Phoenix, Arizona.
Goes by the name of Heather.
She is sixty years old, widowed.
Her two sons and one daughter are all grown up and have families.
It's the Christmas season, and she spends her day staring and waiting anxiously for her phone to ring.
Hoping for one of her sons and daughters to call her and invite her for Christmas dinner.
You see Heather has lived a lonely life for the past few years.
With her husband passing away two years ago and her children being in their prime, she spends most of her days cooped up in her small apartment watching Grace and Frankie.
One day, while she was out picking up groceries, a small puppy ran right across her.
She was stunned by his big and adorable eyes.
"Hey there, little fella what's your name?" Asked Heather.
"RUFF!!" The dog barked with exuberance.
The dog placed her paws on Heather's knees and waggled its tail.
"Hey Jack-Jack, come here!" Says a lady.
"I'm sorry about this, mam; this little puppy is actually from our pound. One of our guys was occupied and let his cage open."
"No harm done! It looks like you guys might need help?"
"Would you like to volunteer? A lot of our guys will be out for the holiday season! We could sure use some extra hands!"
Heather wanted to adopt Jack-Jack, but she only relies on her retirement funds to live. She couldn't afford to raise Jack-Jack on her own.
So she ultimately decided to volunteer for the pound.
And every day, they would play and bond.
For the first time in a long time, She was lively and happy.
But it's not a lovely sight whenever Heather goes back home.
As Jack-Jack would whine all night, looking for her.
The next day, right at Christmas eve,
As she happily skipped towards Jack-Jacks cage,
She was dumbfounded as he was not there.
"Where's Jack-Jack," She asked.
"Oh, I'm sorry Ms. Heather, but a couple already adopted him last night."
Heather held her chest in disbelief.
The only thing that was making her happy was suddenly taken away from her.
With her teary eyes, she walked out of the pet shelter.
And she went back home whimpering.
As soon as she opened the door.
To her surprise, Jack-Jack greeted her right at her DOORSTEP.
She blissfully exclaimed.
Lights turned on and her 2 sons and daughters, along with their families, were right at the kitchen.
It turns out it was her children that adopted Jack-Jack for her.
They've supplied her with plenty of dog food and treats.
Anything she needs to continue strengthening the bond with her new bestfriend.
And so they all celebrated christmas together.

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